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Every creative person charts their own path, but you don't have to do it alone.
What is CreativeStudy?
Simply put, CreativeStudy is a resource designed to help you navigate the business that’s crucial to successful creative careers. Our speakers explain the ecosystem of funding, finance, law, and more in a way that's approachable, non-judgmental, and applicable to creatives and freelancers who often find themselves torn between producing their work and managing the business side of their careers.

We believe financial empowerment enables you to achieve your long-term creative goals.


Our mission is to provide an inclusive platform where a diverse group of artists, freelancers, and creative professionals learn tangible skills, are directed to relevant resources, explore options for sustainability at all stages in their careers, and feel the support of a diverse community. 

In addition to addressing market-driven economic realities, we foreground creative solutions and the solidarity economy. We believe financial health and sustainability for cultural producers is a social justice issue.
We are a PBC and a fiscally sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts.
We believe financial health and sustainability for cultural producers is a social justice issue.

Our History

We are a small, artist-centered, woman and minority-owned Public Benefit Corporation co-founded in 2018 by Heather Bhandari and Dexter Wimberly. We were originally founded as a conference business and have since grown into what you see today.

In 2019, we convened for the first time in NYC under the name Art World Conference to provide an inclusive, ungated experience for 300 artists and arts workers to feel the support of community, learn tangible skills, access resources, and explore options for sustainability at all stages in their careers. An in-person conference in LA in February of 2020 followed.

You know what happened next. 

When the world changed, we changed with it. The necessary shift from ticketed, in-person events to virtual, pay-what-you-can programs increased accessibility and attracted thousands of diverse attendees to the online conferences Defining Value(s) and The Future Of…. Artists attended programs to learn about saving, healthcare, and housing because their situations were dire. 

Our response was to build a platform to share our resources 24/7. 

By 2021, we built artworldlearning.com, produced the original 18 videos with amazing professionals in the field, and compiled resources and worksheets. We enrolled our first institutional subscribers and started to realize a future world for professional practice education.

After all that change prompted by a circumstance, we are refocusing our commitment to online education and live events in the service of creative professionals with intention. This time, it is under the new name CreativeStudy, to be interpreted as both a verb and a safe space. Here, we will bring you courses responsive to your needs as creative workers. We know there is no one-size-fits-all answer to help artists thrive, but we aim to be a tool in your success. 

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