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Step-By-Step Guide To Create A Spreadsheet In Google Sheets (Budget Example!)
Math Teacher, Personal Finance Advocate

Course Description

“Your budget is a living document.” ​​–Joel Kwabi
Creating a personal, business, project, or grant budget can be done in many different ways, but using a program such as Excel or Google Sheets makes calculation, organization, and sharing decidedly easier. Using a sample budget from Kay Takeda’s video on personal budgeting (check it out!), math educator Joel Kwabi goes through step-by-step instructions on how to use Google Sheets to build a quick and easy spreadsheet. After watching, you’ll have the foundational skills to understand and draw inspiration from the budgets of others and be empowered to evaluate and produce more complicated and personalized budgets on your own.

This lesson consists of a 12-minute video and the opportunity to create your own spreadsheets which could take 10 minutes to over an hour.

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Joel Kwabi
Math Teacher, Personal Finance Advocate
Joel Kwabi was born in Ghana and moved to the United States for college. After receiving a bachelor's degree in mathematics and working in finance, he obtained a masters degree in mathematics education in pursuit of his passion for teaching. For over a decade, he has taught math in the classrooms of Brooklyn. He is passionate about personal finance and helped lead a Financial Peace University course in his church community after an eye-opening experience paying off student debt and saving to buy a home. He currently lives on Long Island with his wife and two kids.