How does CreativeStudy work?
Subscriptions to CreativeStudy (either through an institution or as an individual) give access to courses on business and financial health for creatives. Each course consists of videos from experts in their fields, worksheets specifically designed to support you in your learning, and helpful links and references.

This online curriculum is an ever-growing library of stand-alone modules. Due to the nature of the subjects, many of the modules are interrelated and reference one another. When another module is especially helpful, it will be noted in the text accompanying a video. We encourage you to watch the entire series, at your own pace, to get a more robust understanding of the resources and tools available to you. 

Keeping the courses self-paced is purposeful. While we know all these subjects will have an impact on your personal and professional development, we also know creatives are always balancing multiple needs. Some of these courses may be applicable now and others later (hopefully not yesterday!), so we encourage you to use CreativeStudy as a foundation and a resource to come back to, 24/7. It’s a place to learn vocabulary and get comfortable with the concepts of law, economics, finance, and business in a nonjudgemental setting. We hope this will lead to empowerment and increased creative independence...

In addition to our online courses, CreativeStudy programs live Q&As with course instructors, webinars, series, and even conferences. Stay tuned for upcoming events or access our recorded archived events (coming soon!).

This curriculum is being developed in real time.

Check back often for updates.

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