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Two Lessons: Creating Healthy Relationships; Tracking Down Money And Breaking Up
Founder and Managing Attorney of Luque PLLC 

Course Description

1. Advice for Healthy Relationships (In Business): Working With Partners

Collaborations can be one of the most exciting parts of being a creative person, but when partnerships don’t go right, things can get terribly messy. Attorney Anibal Luque recommends clear and transparent communication between partners from the very beginning, when stakes are low and the relationship is strongest. He outlines many questions to ask each other when deciding to work together and suggests several ways to structure the collaboration. Ultimately, regardless of what’s written down, aligning expectations is key. And knowing the right questions to ask is integral.

This course consists of a 20-minute video, recommended reading, and an associated worksheet that could take an hour or months to complete, depending on your personal situation.

2. Breaking Up (In Business): You Haven’t Been Paid Or A Partnership Isn’t Working

When you’re a freelancer, self-employed, or in a partnership, things don’t always go as planned, and the responsibilities can be hard to manage. It’s suddenly your job to track down overdue invoices, follow up with clients who aren’t responding, or sever a partnership that isn’t working. Attorney Anibal Luque addresses what to do in those circumstances. He talks about the questions you need to ask yourself and the steps to take when you’re not paid, a freelance job is going in a different direction, or you no longer want to work with a collaborator. While he does address legal action, he also walks you through some common alternative resolution strategies and tips on how to avoid uncomfortable disputes in the first place.

This course consists of a 20-minute video and an associated worksheet that could take hours or weeks to complete, depending on your personal situation.

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Anibal A. Luque
Founder and Managing Attorney of Luque PLLC 
Anibal A. Luque provides legal advice and practical counsel to creatives and entrepreneurs across the globe. Following today's progressive merging of industries, Anibal caters to the needs of companies and individuals who create products and provide services utilizing technology in the areas of music, art, and fashion. His clients consist of companies that provide services and innovative products in the technology, media, apparel, and beverage industries, as well as those with an eye toward social enterprise. As an enthusiastic young entrepreneur himself, Anibal strives to help like-minded people achieve success with the right legal planning.