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Two Lessons: Rates, Invoice, Collecting, Cash Flow; A One Page Business Plan
Hosts of Brunch & Budget

Course Description

1. Rates, Invoicing, Collection, Cash Flow

Brunch & Budget's Pamela Capalad and Dyalekt walk through crucial decision-making processes for self-employed individuals. Whether you are a painter, a furniture designer, a graphic designer, a public sculptor, or any creative who takes on project work, you'll need to decide what your time is worth. This is important when communicating with everyone from clients to granting organizations to yourself.

This lesson consists of a 55-minute video and associated references and a worksheet that could take another 30 minutes.

2. A One-Page Business Plan

Next, Pamela Capalad and Dyalekt provide a fast-paced crash course in business planning. No need to open a spreadsheet or write dozens of pages of text. This one-page business plan, crafted with creative practitioners in mind, cuts to the heart of why you do what you do and what you'll need to think about to make it work.

While the video is 20-minutes long, allot an hour to complete the lesson with the associated worksheet.

Course Contents


Pamela Capalad + Dyalekt
Hosts of Brunch & Budget
Pamela Capalad is a Certified Financial Planner™ and Accredited Financial Counselor™ who has worked in the field of financial services for over a decade. She founded Brunch & Budget to provide people who felt ashamed or embarrassed about money with a safe and friendly place to speak openly and make financial progress. Her mission is to make financial planning as affordable as possible for the communities who need it most. Her work has been featured in publications including the Washington Post, Teen Vogue, Huffington Post, and Vice Magazine. She was named in New York Magazine’s Best of New York 2019 and has brunched with over 400 people and counting.
Dyalekt is an MC, playwright, educator, and podcaster. His work focuses on defining personal identities and finding one’s voice, authentic communication, and supporting one’s community. His first album and one-man show, Square Peg Syndrome, is also a 6-week school curriculum that toured through St. Croix’s 17 schools. His new album and one-man show, The Museum of Dead Words, explores communication, race, and empathy in the internet age. Dyalekt was named to the Public Theater’s Emerging Writers Group and his performance venues include the Bowery Ballroom, SXSW, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Mozilla’s Internet Festival in London, the United Nations, Santa Barbara’s Lucidity Festival, and the Divadlo Archa in Prague, CZ.
Pam and Dyalekt host the Brunch & Budget podcast, where they discuss how personal finance and racial economic inclusion intersect. They also co-founded the Race & Wealth Podcast Network  with Dedrick Asante-Muhammad, Chief of Race, Wealth and Community at NCRC. Through what they’ve learned in their work, Dyalekt and Pam have started a group financial planning program called See Change, specifically designed for People of Color and make financial planning more inclusive.