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Two Lessons: Overview Of The What And The Why Of A Contract; Legalese Vocabulary Explained
Former Staff Attorney at Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts of NY

Course Description

1. Contract Basics Part 1: Overview

Did you buy a coffee this morning? Contract. Order something online? Contract. Whether you recognize it or not, we all enter into contracts on a daily basis. In this lesson, Laura Levin-Dando, former Staff Attorney at Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts of NY, demystifies the basics of contracts in approachable terms, highlighting the importance of contracts as business tools for creatives, relationship management tools, and insurance in both worst- and best-case scenarios. Her explanations make it clear that contracts are an opportunity for two or more parties to set expectations and develop clear, fair terms, ultimately minimizing disagreements and establishing positive common ground before any work takes place.

This course consists of a 20-minute video and hours of research opportunity. If you are a freelancer in need of a useful contract, allot another hour or more to customize the associated worksheet template.

2. Contract Basics Part 2: Vocab Explained!

After watching Contract Basics Part 1, where you learned how contracts exist in the world and how you enter into contracts in your day-to-day life, you’re ready to delve deeper into key contract terms. Laura Levin-Dando, former Staff Attorney at Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts of NY, deftly explains contracts as tools to answer key clarifying questions for you such as the Who, What, When, Where, and How of an opportunity. After giving examples and prompting you to think of your own clarifying questions, she explains all the (often daunting) key terms found at the end of a contract from indemnification to force majeure. Knowing the definition and rationale for each term makes reading and writing contracts infinitely more approachable.

This course consists of a 20-minute video, a 30-minute worksheet, and hours of research opportunity. 

Course Contents


Laura Levin-Dando
Former Staff Attorney at NY Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
Laura Levin-Dando, former Staff Attorney at Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts of NY, advised clients on a range of issues, including disputes, contracts, and intellectual property matters. Laura also taught and facilitated VLA’s educational programs. Laura received her J.D. from George Washington University Law School and graduated summa cum laude from Yeshiva University, where she studied history and music. A lifelong musical theatre nerd, Laura feels very fortunate to be able to help artists from all disciplines. She is currently in the career department at Cardozo School of Law.