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How To Calculate Compound Interest For Saving And Debt
Math Teacher, Personal Finance Advocate

Course Description

“Interest can be defined as the price of money.” ​​–Joel Kwabi
Financial freedom is linked to simply understanding compound interest. It shows up in all kinds of places--including credit, debt, saving, and investing. All those areas have the potential to make a big impact (for good or not so good) on your financial health. Math teacher Joel Kwabi gives a concise, essential summary of the concept of compound interest and provides clear, detailed examples of where you might encounter it, as well as how to calculate it.

This lesson consists of an 11-minute video and a 20-minute practice worksheet.

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Joel Kwabi
Math Teacher, Personal Finance Advocate
Joel Kwabi was born in Ghana and moved to the United States for college. After receiving a bachelor's degree in mathematics and working in finance, he obtained a masters degree in mathematics education in pursuit of his passion for teaching. For over a decade, he has taught math in the classrooms of Brooklyn. He is passionate about personal finance and helped lead a Financial Peace University course in his church community after an eye-opening experience paying off student debt and saving to buy a home. He currently lives on Long Island with his wife and two kids.