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Two Lessons: An Overview Of Intellectual Property; Focus On Social Media
Partner in the Advanced Media & Technology Practice at Loeb & Loeb

Course Description

1. Your Intellectual Property: What Is It And How To Protect It

When an artist makes work, ownership and financial implications are tied to more than just the physical object/s. Attorney Jessica Lee outlines the legal rights of artists, with a focus on intellectual property. She talks us through the bundle of rights included in copyright and the value artists and designers have in their work—whether or not an object is sold. Trademark, copyright, and licensing are addressed in relation to your rights as a maker and your responsibilities as a steward of your work and practice.

2. Going Digital: Intellectual Property On Social Media

Social media is increasingly important in the professional lives of artists and designers, providing efficient and effective ways of sharing visual information. But sharing images on these platforms involves the sharing of copyrights. Attorney Jessica Lee outlines the rights of a person sharing their own images and the responsibilities of those sharing the images of others. While she focuses on Instagram, many of the principles and recommendations are applicable to social media in general.

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Jessica Lee
Partner in the Advanced Media & Technology Practice at Loeb & Loeb
Jessica Lee is a Partner in the Advanced Media & Technology practice at Loeb & Loeb, where she counsels clients on the privacy and intellectual property issues that arise when launching, marketing, and monetizing digital products and content. Named one of New York’s Notable Women in Law by Crain’s, Jessica has helped a variety of media and technology companies negotiate the agreements that support their digital media initiatives. She is a member of MoMA’s Friends of Education and sits on the board of directors for The Laundromat Project.