Sruti Suryanarayanan
Solidarity Economy Partner
Editor, Organizer, Advocate
Sruti Suryanarayanan (they/them) is a Tamizh American craftsperson and writer, also co-organizing with from Lenapehoking (Brooklyn). They study systems of racial, economic, and migration inequity and use this focus to design, implement, and facilitate creative learning and advocacy to encourage healing and justice in intergenerational communities, particularly with people of color, away from state, interpersonal, and historically traumatic violence and towards self-determination. Sruti develops tools to encourage collective questioning while centering critical and compassionate care, relying on the deep traditions of material and movement craft in their families. In addition to their work with, Sruti is a researcher of hate violence, a community educator, a homecook, and a lacemaker.

Sruti was integral to the work in the Solidarity Economy section of the site.
Matt Warren Bruinooge
Matt Warren Bruinooge (b. 1998, Trenton) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work combines repetition, photography, video, performance, and repetition. A BAI Artist Grant recipient, he was trained at Brown University in visual arts and has work featured in KALTBLUT Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, and The Wrap. He is based in New York.