Robin Bean Crane
Solidarity Economy Partner
Writer, Editor, Animator
Robin Bean Crane (they/them) is a multimedia storyteller, solidarity economy nerd, and tender plant tender. With a focus on film, animation, and participatory media they spotlight community-driven solutions, working with organizations to shift narratives in support of a more regenerative economy where all can thrive. They co-coordinate Cooperative Journal Media’s media production and political education work with Ebony Gustave. They are queer and have ancestors from north and west Europe, now home-making in an intentional community on Ohlone Land, Oakland, CA.

Robin was instrumental in the writing the scripts for  the Solidarity Economy courses.
Matt Warren Bruinooge
Matt Warren Bruinooge (b. 1998, Trenton) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work combines repetition, photography, video, performance, and repetition. A BAI Artist Grant recipient, he was trained at Brown University in visual arts and has work featured in KALTBLUT Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, and The Wrap. He is based in New York.