August 15, 2022 
Art World Learning is now CreativeStudy!
Today, curators and educators Heather Bhandari and Dexter Wimberly announced the launch of CreativeStudy (, an online education platform offering subscriptions to an ever-expanding library of video-based courses and actionable, inclusive workshops and events, both in-person and online.

Heather Bhandari is a bestselling author whose book Art/Work was published by Simon and Schuster in 2009 and revised  in 2017. Bhandari is also a curator and adjunct lecturer at Brown University. Dexter Wimberly is an established independent curator who has organized exhibitions in museums and galleries around the world. He is also a Senior Critic at New York Academy of Art.

CreativeStudy brings business know-how and financial health to artists, designers, and creatives through a series of videos and learning materials presented by and for creatives on topics such as budgeting, contracts, taxes, immigration, grant writing, debt, healthcare, and intellectual property. 

In 2020, at the height of COVID-19 pandemic, Bhandari and Wimberly made the bold decision to redirect energy from their newly launched, in-person ‘Art World Conference’ to focus their efforts on building a resource to make business and financial health content accessible to a larger creative audience, 24/7.

Formerly known as Art World Learning, CreativeStudy is currently being used by more than 40 colleges, universities, and arts institutions across the United States and is available to any school or arts organizations seeking to foster the financial independence of their students, alumni, grantees, fellows, and artist/designer communities. Current institutional subscribers include School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The Pennsylvania State University, Yale School of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC), and New England Foundation for the Arts.

  • To normalize a concrete, actionable discussion of value, money, and financial health in the arts
  • To explicitly address the financial lives of artists, arts workers, and their businesses through a lens of sustainability
  • To increase the bargaining power of the art sector and empower a more diverse group of artists to acknowledge their agency and their value in social, cultural, and monetary terms

    “While creatives are predominantly self-employed, they often resist the designation of ‘small business owner,’” states Heather Bhandari. “When they do look for help in finance and business, the education often misunderstands the realities of freelance practice and an overwhelming interest in alternative economic models. CreativeStudy exists as a tool to bring more nuanced financial and business education to creatives by creatives who’ve dedicated their lives to the empowerment of others.”

    Dexter Wimberly added, “However you categorize yourself, it requires a certain amount of business know-how to succeed professionally. We want to build a world where artists, designers, and other creative individuals are prepared for the financial realities of everyday life.”

    CreativeStudy is a Public Benefit Corporation and a fiscally sponsored project of New York Foundation for the Arts.

    Press Contact:
    Dexter Wimberly, Co-founder
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