Live Q&A: Taxes for Creatives

Hannah Cole, Enrolled Agent and Founder, Sunlight Tax
Tuesday, February 13, 2024 | 5-6pm ET
This is a free event.
Join Hannah Cole of Sunlight Tax for a Live Q&A on taxes for creatives.

April 15 will be here before you know it! Tax expert Hannah Cole will get you ready for the upcoming tax deadline by answering all of your tax-related questions whether you are freelance, W-2’d, or a combination of the two. Based on her years of experience working with creative individuals and being a creative herself, she understands the unique circumstances surrounding creatives’ taxable income, budgets, expenses, Schedule Cs, and yearly versus quarterly filings.

During this Q&A, Hannah can translate basic tax terms, explain self-employment tax and the estimated quarterly tax system, and discuss adjusting your estimated tax payments. Whatever is stressing you out is fair game for questions. While her answers will not constitute tax advice, she will provide recommendations and best practices to the group.


Hannah Cole (she/her) is a tax expert who specializes in working with creative people and their businesses. Though she’s worked at tax firms in New York, she loves bringing her tax skills to the aid of the creative world. Her passion for helping creative businesses began when she was an Account Executive and Interactive Producer for a New York interactive design agency, where she saw the struggles and triumphs from the inside. As a long-time working artist with a high-level exhibition history, Hannah finds the financial challenges of freelancers and small creative businesses to be both relevant and personal. She is an Enrolled Agent and the founder of Sunlight Tax.