Live Q&A: Solidarity Economy Practices: Guaranteed Income

Creatives Rebuild New York and the Georgia Resilience and Opportunity Fund
Tuesday, May 7, 2024 | 5-6pm ET
This is a free event.
Join Maura Cuffie-Peterson from Creatives Rebuild New York (CRNY) and Eshe Shukura from the Georgia Resilience and Opportunity Fund (the GRO Fund) to discuss the power of securing an income floor for creative workers.

There are hundreds of Guaranteed Income (GI) demonstrations in the US right now, built on a foundation of previous pilots, historic governmental cash payments, and grassroots activism for financial justice. Two such programs are: Creatives Rebuild New York’s GI initiative that distributed funds to 2,400 artists in New York State from 2022 to 2024 and the GRO Fund's In Her Hands GI Initiative that puts a solution to financial insecurity in the hands of Black women in Georgia.

During this Q&A, Maura and Eshe will discuss some of the reasons why creatives might be in need of guaranteed income, the history of cash payment systems in the US, and GI's role as a piece in a larger, nationwide project to make our economic system more just.

All are welcome. We recommend watching the GI course on CreativeStudy in advance to build a foundation of knowledge, but no prior experience is necessary to attend. Maura and Eshe will answer questions based on their direct experience, with an eye to their larger context and the future potential of GI.

Maura Cuffe-Peterson (she/her) is a facilitator and strategist working at the intersections of economic justice and arts & culture. Currently, she serves as the Director of Strategic Initiatives for Guaranteed Income at Creatives Rebuild New York, stewarding one of the largest guaranteed income demonstrations in the nation. Previously, she was the Senior Program Officer for ArtPlace America. During that time, she conceived and executed the Local Control, Local Field(s) initiative, a novel approach to trust-based philanthropy, which placed over $12.5M directly under the control of practitioners across the country. She has held a variety of positions in arts, culture, and organizational change. As a co-founder of the collective, the Free Breakfast Program, she participated as a Create Change Fellow with the Laundromat Project in 2015 and in the inaugural cohort for leaders of color in EmcArts’ Arts Leaders as Cultural Innovators Fellowship in 2016. Currently she is a fellow of the Just Economy Institute. CreativesRebuildNY.org / @creativesrebuildny

Eshe Shukura (they/them) is the Narrative & Cultural Strategist with the Georgia Resilience & Opportunity Fund, where they co-architect the story of the movement through narrative building, storytelling, art activations, community centered events, and building authentic relationships. Eshe spent five years working in the field of Reproductive Justice, furthering the vision of its Black Feminist foremothers.In Eshe's personal life, they are a performance artist and non-linear poet/storyteller/playwright. They went to Hampshire College for theater, where they wrote, starred in, and co-directed their original play, Fat.Black.& Ugly. They are currently rediscovering performance and make work on their Instagram page, producing a series of captioned stories during the pandemic called, #welcomefromthefuture, telling stories that captured a new world after lockdown. thegrofund.org