Live Q&A: Solidarity Economy

Nati Linares, Caroline Woolard, Marina Lopez, and Sruti Suryanarayanan
Art.coop Co-Organizers 
Monday, November 14 | 2:30 - 3:30pm ET  
This is a free event.
Join Art.coop co-organizers Nati Linares, Marina Lopez, Sruti Suryanarayanan, and Caroline Woolard for a Q&A on community-control of artistic value in the Solidarity Economy movement.

You don’t have to be a starving artist or a sell out. You can find work where you joyfully live your values and pay the bills. In this Q&A, you will learn about the working class and QTBIPOC creatives who are firing their bosses, freeing the land, electing themselves, and building livelihoods based on care, cooperation, mutual aid, and solidarity. If you are fed up with the system and actively looking for another way, we are here to share another way with you. If you have heard about worker cooperatives, non-extractive loans, or timebanks, but aren’t sure how those relate to you, your life, or your community, we are here to talk about how to bring them to life in daily practice in your context.

Come to this Q&A with questions about the Solidarity Economy movement and cooperative practices, including how to be involved. This introduction is the foundation for a larger series on solidarity to debut in late 2022. Suggestions for future content are welcome! 

The cultural sector is actively seeking alternatives to business-as-usual to create economic and racial justice in the sector and beyond. Art.coop exists to grow the Solidarity Economy movement by centering systems-change work led by working class and queer, trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color or QTBIPOC artists and culture-bearers. The core team of organizers at Art.coop includes:
Nati Linares (she/her) is a co-author of the Art.coop report, a music and media producer, and is organizing with 200+ organizations building the Solidarity Economy movement in her role as Communications Organizer at the New Economy Coalition. neweconomy.net / conrazón.me / solcollective.org / giaarts.orgart.coop

Caroline Woolard (she/her) is a co-author of the Art.coop report, a visual artist, and is organizing with 300+ mutual aid and open source software groups dedicated to budget transparency in her role as the Director of Research and Partnerships at Open Collective Foundation (OCF).

Marina Lopez (she/her) is a dancer and bodyworker and the co-coordinator of a national Arts, Culture, Care and Solidarity Economy working group and was a core organizer of Cooperation Humboldt, building the Solidarity Economy on California’s North Coast.

Sruti Suryanarayanan (they/them) is a craft artist and the former Community & Learning Manager of South Asian Americans Leading Together, a national movement strategy and advocacy organization committed to racial justice through structural change.